At Smilers we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which monitors children's progress from birth until their first year at school, using the 7 areas of learning. Hover over a smiley face to see an example:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
To increase children's self esteem and enthusiasm for learning.
To learn to cooporate and work alongside and listen to one another.
To increase concentration in individual and group tasks.

Communication & Language
To have opportunity to talk and communicate in a widening range of situations.
To respond to adults and each other.
To extend range of vocabulary
To explore, enjoy and learn about words and texts in a rich variety of books

To have opportunity to develop understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space by exploring, practicing and talking about them.

Understanding of the World
Children are given opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a variety of contexts. They explore and find out about their environment, people and places of significance to them.

Physical Development
Children are able to develop and practice their motor skills and to understand how their bodies work, keeping them safe and healthy.

Expressive Arts & Design
Opportunities are given for children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of art, design and technology, music, movement and role play activities.

To link sounds and letters through games and activities in preparation for reading and writing.